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Kristy Petrillo Kristy CollectionHi, I’m Kristy Petrillo. I’m excited that you’ve found our “Heaven on Earth” in the North Georgia mountains, and can’t wait for you to see for yourself why I love it as much as I do. I’ve lived up here in our little slice of paradise for almost 15 years now, and been the top producing real estate agent for many of those years. Through my years of work in real estate, and as a featured agent/home remodeler for several shows on HGTV, I’ve been able to discover, purchase, and renovate a select number of luxurious rental cabins and lodges, using my expertise and insights to make each property supremely inviting and enjoyable. The Kristy Collection is the culmination of a career identifying what people love, and finding a way to connect them to it.

On a personal note, I love living life to the fullest, and savoring the many joys this wonderful world has to offer. I enjoy traveling to exotic destinations near and far, sipping Moscow Mules or spicy tequilas, and noshing on delectable artisan cheeses. l go kite boarding in the Dominican Republic whenever I can, and recently participated in an amazing entrepreneurs networking group called Mai Tai, through which I had the incredible opportunity to meet Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Airlines. His Necker Island Resort and Virgin Limited Edition properties are an inspiration in how to provide world-class vacation experiences to guests, concepts I have applied to my own rentals right here in Blue Ridge and across the United States.

The other muse for inspiration is the fact that I love nice hotels. There’s such an invigorating feeling of walking into a tastefully decorated hotel room with all the right finishes and touches. But I also love coming back to my relaxing home on Lake Blue Ridge and settling into the comfort and familiarity it offers. So I strive with each property to meld the luxury of five-star hotels with the comforts of home, to create an experience that is equal parts refined/upscale and inviting/welcoming. Each of my properties is an exquisite blend of 5-star luxury and homegrown comfort, so finally you can truly have your cake and eat it too!

Thanks for visiting The Kristy Collection, and let me know how I can help make your visit to any of my properties as fantastic and memorable as it possibly can be.

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